RYA VHF Marine Radio
Online Course

"This project has it all" e-Learning Awards Winner

Course pack

Many flotilla and charter companies now require this radio qualification. The online course is the quickest way to get your VHF Radio Operator Certificate of Competence. Just complete the online course then book a convenient time to do the final practical exam and written paper in person at a training centre. Bay Sea School have two radio assessors so it should be fairly easy to arrange a time.

1. The online radio course runs on iPads, PCs and Macs. It does NOT work on Android tablets. 

2. There's a separate £60 license fee payable to the RYA before you can attend the practical exam.

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RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship
includes plotter and dividers

Beginners introduction to navigation 

This short online course is an ideal accompaniment to the beginner practical courses such as Keelboat Levels 1, 2 & 3, Powerboat Level 2, Competent Crew and Helmsman. It's a great starting point for anyone who goes to sea.

It takes roughly 6 hours to complete the various modules. But most people work through them at their own pace. Day Skipper theory students find it useful as an introduction to the more in-depth winter Day Skipper theory course. 

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RYA Professional Practices & Responsibilities
PPR certificate

What makes us different here is that you'll receive a free study guide with exam preparation material that John himself has written. Our clients tell us these bonus documents have proved invaluable to them when completing the timed exams.

'Professional Practices and Responsibilities' sets out the legal framework that commercial skippers must work within, explaining the various rules and regulations. The course doesn't teach you all there is to know about the subject but is designed to show you where to find answers to questions that may crop up.

There are 4 modules:

  • The Commercial Environment - where do you fit in?
  • People - keeping up to date with your skills and safety issues.
  • Vessel - what is compulsory?
  • Purpose - your legal obligations.

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RYA Safe and Fun

Safe and Fun

The Safe and Fun course presents a variety of scenarios you might encounter whilst working with children or vulnerable adults in a club or watersports centre. It looks at issues to do with abuse and bullying and helps you to understand your own obligations.

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With free practice test

The CEVNI Code is the Highway Code for European inland waterways. Pass the CEVNI test and get a CEVNI endorsement to your International Certificate of Competence.

You can do the practice tests as many times as you like before attempting the final CEVNI test, a short multiple-choice exam in two parts.

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