With free practice test

The CEVNI Code is the Highway Code for European inland waterways. Pass the CEVNI test and get a CEVNI endorsement to your International Certificate of Competence.

You can do the practice tests as many times as you like before attempting the final CEVNI test, a short multiple-choice exam in two parts.

Part 1 is about buoyage and Part 2 is on sound signals, lights & shapes. Each part has 15 questions. You must get 11 answers correct in each part to pass. You can have 2 attempts at the real test.

When you pass the test, download your certificate and send it to the RYA with your ICC application form and passport photo. You must be over 16 years old to take the CEVNI test.

A written paper test is also available, here in Morecambe. Contact us if you prefer this method.

CEVNI flip cards and the RYA's European Waterways Regulations book are a great way to prepare for the CEVNI test. Follow the links below to buy them now from the RYA book shop.