RYA Professional Practices & Responsibilities
PPR certificate

What makes us different here is that you'll receive a free study guide with exam preparation material that John himself has written. Our clients tell us these bonus documents have proved invaluable to them when completing the timed exams.

'Professional Practices and Responsibilities' sets out the legal framework that commercial skippers must work within, explaining the various rules and regulations. The course doesn't teach you all there is to know about the subject but is designed to show you where to find answers to questions that may crop up.

There are 4 modules:

  • The Commercial Environment - where do you fit in?
  • People - keeping up to date with your skills and safety issues.
  • Vessel - what is compulsory?
  • Purpose - your legal obligations.

You can study each module as many times as you like. There are questions to answer after each module. These results do not count towards the final two assessments but are purely to help you evaluate your learning so far. If you don't already have experience working within the commercial framework, there will be a lot of documents for you to become familiar with. Take your time!

The two assessments at the end of the course however, you must pass. To prepare for these, there are practice papers to do first.

John's free study guide and exam prep. will be particularly helpful in preparing you for the timed assessments.

Depending on your previous experience the course may take in excess of 10 hours to complete.

On successful completion, you can download your certificate, which must be included in your application or renewal for your commercial endorsement.

In the final assessments, the pass mark is 80% (min of 12 out of 15). If you do not achieve the required result, you are allowed a second attempt after 8 hours. This is to allow some time for further study. If you are still unlucky, the RYA charge an administration fee for a re-sit. Contact us if necessary.

We can recommend the 'RYA Commercial Regulations' book should you wish to read more about the subject. Follow the link below to buy it from the RYA shop.