LEARN TO SAIL on 2-day Courses
RYA Level 1 Start Sailing &
RYA Level 2 Basic Skills 

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"Fantastic location &


Bay Sea School is unique in the North West.  It's the 'go-to' place for adults to learn to sail on the sea on a small yacht (also called a keelboat). 

This RYA Training Centre is different in other ways too.  John, the Principal & Chief Instructor is no ordinary dinghy sailing instructor but a highly experienced Yachtmaster Instructor & Examiner.  He's winner of the RYA 'Instructor of the Year' award too.  His professional work also includes inspecting other training centres for the RYA so your safety on the water is very important at Bay Sea School. 

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Beginners to Improvers (4 days tuition in total - Level 1 followed by Level 2)

  • Level 1 Start Sailing - 2-day course.  A gentle introduction to keelboat/yacht sailing on the sea for complete beginners or those with some experience as crew.
  • Level 2 Basic Skills - 2-day course.  Completion of Beginners Course.  Develop your sailing skills as the skipper.  Practise all the sailing skills introduced on Level 1 and go into a bit more detail in the theory sessions ashore.  Additional topics include: synoptic charts; tidal sailing techniques; all points of sail; reefing; MOB & anchoring under sail. 

As a complete beginner you'll be amazed how much you pick up during your first two days of sailing tuition on Level 1.  Then over a total of four days tuition (Level 1 followed soon after by Level 2) you'll experience all the basics of how to skipper & crew a small yacht on the sea. 

While keelboat sailing is more comfortable for many adult beginners than dinghy sailing, a certain level of mobility is required to board the yacht from the inflatable boat & move promptly from a seated position on one side of the yacht to the other.  Please contact John if you'd like to have a chat about this.

Bay Sea School normally restrict numbers on their keelboat courses to 3 students but can accommodate 4 if required.  

When you book a 2-day beginner level course you can work towards Level 1 or Level 2.  You can decide which level is right for you after you've had a chance to experience what's involved. 

Expert sailors know the best way to learn to sail is on a small boat not a larger cruising yacht.  And keelboats are the perfect option for adult beginners who don't like the idea of dinghy sailing and falling into the water.  With a winning combination of manoeuvrability and stability they're the ideal way to learn the basics before a flotilla holiday.

These excellent RYA keelboat courses cover the basic dinghy learn to sail syllabus which is adapted for yacht sailing on the sea.  Learning to sail with Bay Sea School you'll be taught by mature instructors, John & Deirdre, both of whom are also Yachtmasters with over 25 years sailing experience on the sea! 

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The Best Way to Learn to Sail

If your dream is a cruising holiday in the Mediterranean, here's a useful pathway through the various RYA courses to becoming a Day Skipper and gaining your ICC (International Certificate of Competence). 

Beginner to Day Skipper

Your course fee includes:

  • RYA Sailing Logbook (G4)
  • Bay Sea School's unique course notes
  • RYA course completion certificate
  • Use of sailing waterproof trousers & jackets if required (adult sizes small to extra-large)
  • All the necessary safety equipment including auto inflate life-jacket

If the weather is unsuitable for sailing, alternative dates will be agreed.  Please read our Terms & Conditions.

Please make a note of your start time when booking your course.
The second day sometimes starts up to an hour later depending on the tide.

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NEW 2020 DATES      
Good Friday 10/4/20 9.30 Sat 11/4/20 3
Easter Sunday 12/4/20 11 Easter Monday 13/4/20 3
Sat 25/4/20 9.30 Sun 26/4/20 1
Mon 27/4/20 10.30 Tue 28/4/20 3
Thu 7/5/20 8.30 Fri 8/5/20 3
Sat 9/5/20 9 Sun 10/5/20 3
Mon 25/5/20 9.30 Tue 26/5/20 3
Sat 6/6/20 9 Sun 7/6/20 3
Mon 8/6/20 10 Tue 9/6/20 3
Sat 20/6/20 8.30 Sun 21/6/20 3
Wed 24/6/20 10 Thu 25/6/20 3
Sat 4/7/20 8.30 Sun 5/7/20 2
Mon 6/7/20 9 Tue 7/7/20 3
Mon 20/7/20 8.30 Tue 21/7/20 3
Wed 22/7/20 9 Thu 23/7/20 3
Mon 3/8/20 8.30 Tue 4/8/20 3
Wed 5/82020 9.30 Thu 6/8/20 3
Tue 18/8/20 8.30 Wed 19/8/20 3
Thu 20/8/20 9 Fri 21/8/20 3
Thu 3/9/20 9 Fri 4/9/20 3
Thu 17/9/20 8.30 Fri 18/9/20 3
Sat 19/9/20 9 Sun 20/9/20 3

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