LEARN TO SAIL 2-day Courses

Photo of two people learning to sail a yacht on the sea

Level 1 Start Sailing


Level 2 Basic Skills

Welcome to Bay Sea School, the 'go-to' place in the North West, where adult beginners learn to sail on the sea in a small yacht called a keelboat. 

"Fantastic location & instruction!"

Discover the basics through a series of 2-day practical courses.

  • Level 1 Start Sailing - Ideal for absolute beginners who'd like a gentle introduction to sailing.  There's a little bit of theory to explain what's involved and then you'll get hands-on practical experience sailing on the sea; steering the boat and setting the sails.  Don't worry, your instructor will be with you on the boat all the time!
  • Level 2 Basic Skills - Build confidence as you develop Level 1 practical skills.  New topics include: reefing, anchoring, understanding simple weather charts and 3 more useful knots.  

You'll be amazed how much you pick up during your first two days on Level 1.  After completing another 2 days on Level 2, totalling 4 days of tuition, you'll have experienced all the basics of how to be skipper & crew of a small yacht on the sea.  Then Level 3, another 2-day course, provides more experience of tidal sailing and an opportunity to further develop your sailing skills.

Please note: you need to be mobile enough to board the yacht from the inflatable boat & also to move promptly from a seated position on one side of the yacht to the other.  Call us if you want to know more about this.

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Further Information
The basics are introduced on Level 1 and developed on Level 2.  We teach Levels 1 students & Level 2 students at the same time on the boat because the practical skills are largely the same.  But Level 1 theory is quite different to Level 2 theory so we'll need to know which level to provide for you ahead of your practical sessions.  If you're not sure where your experience fits into this RYA scheme, you could make the most of the available courses by starting with Level 1.  You can also read more about each course by clicking the links below.  Or, just have a chat with us.

Experienced Instructors
Bay Sea School is run by Deirdre & John.  As Principal & Chief Instructor, John is also a Yachtmaster Instructor & Examiner.  He's a winner of the RYA 'Instructor of the Year' award too.  His professional work includes inspecting other RYA recognised training centres so your safety on the water is very important at Bay Sea School.  Deirdre is also an RYA instructor & Yachtmaster Offshore with 30 years of sailing experience on the sea.

Read more about Learning to Sail

  • The Best Way to Learn to Sail explains the differences between the two RYA sailing schemes and what they offer. You'll also find more detail about the topics on Keelboat Levels 1 & 2.

  • Beginner to Day Skipper provides a useful pathway through the various RYA courses to gaining your Day Skipper Practical Certificate & ICC (International Certificate of Competence). 

Keelboat Course Dates & Booking Information

The fee includes:

  • 2-day course (theory and practical tuition)
  • RYA Sailing Logbook (G4)
  • Bay Sea School's unique online course (a link will be sent within one month of your course date)
  • RYA course completion certificate
  • Free use of sailing waterproof trousers & jackets (adult sizes small to extra-large) though we recommend using your own if possible
  • All the necessary safety equipment including auto inflate life-jacket

Sailing is a weather dependent sport. If a practical session has to be cancelled due to adverse conditions, an alternative date will be agreed.  Please read our Terms & Conditions. 

Please make a note of your start time for day 1 when booking your course. Every day is different due to the tide times.  The second day may start and end up to an hour later.

2-day Course Start Dates Start Time - Day 1  Finishes 5 to 6 hrs later  Places left
2023 - Join our mailing list to be notified of new dates
Saturday 8th April & 9th 1030 FULL
Monday 10th April & 11th 1145 FULL
Thursday 20th April & 21st 0915 FULL
Saturday 22nd April & 23rd 1030 3
Wednesday 10th May &11th 1230 3
Saturday 20th May & 21st 0930 2
Monday 22nd May & 23rd 1100 2
Monday 5th June & 6th 1000 3
Wednesday 7th June & 8th 1130 3
Monday 19th June & 20th 1000 3
Monday 3rd July & 4th  0900 3
Wednesday 5th July & 6th 1045 1
Monday 17th July & 18th 0900 3
Wednesday 19th July & 20th 1015 FULL
Further dates for August & September TBA - 

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