RYA Beginner 2-day Sailing Courses

Photo of two people learning to sail a yacht on the sea

The best way to learn to sail is on a small boat rather than a large cruising yacht. Our lovely little yacht 'Lily' is ideal for adult beginners of all ages. She's very responsive, giving you a great feel for sailing right from the start. She's also got another huge benefit - she won't capsize!

Once you've learnt the basics of sailing on a small, stable, user-friendly yacht, you'll have a much better idea of what to do when you start cruising on a larger 40ft yacht.

No prior sailing experience is required to join our beginner sailing courses.

All the RYA sailing courses provided at Bay Sea School last for 2 days. It takes 4 days of tuition on the beginner level courses to cover the basics of how to sail a small yacht on the sea.

After your first 2-days you'll receive the RYA Level 1 Start Sailing certificate. And after successfully completing your second 2-day beginners' course you'll be awarded your RYA Level 2 Basic Skills certificate.

The first two days are a gentle introduction to sailing. Each day starts with a short safety session ashore. It's essentially a practical course so most of the time you'll be out on Morecambe Bay experiencing all aspects of sailing a small yacht on the sea. 

When you return for days 3 & 4 of the beginners' course you'll be surprised at how much you've already learnt. You'll do more sailing, tacking & gybing and get lots of practise adjusting the sails for the different points of sail. This is when everything starts to come together. You'll also learn more about safety, seamanship, anchoring and how to reef the mainsail as well as a few more useful knots!

If you've done some sailing before but lack confidence with the basic skills, our advice is to book a 2-day beginner course. It'll be a good refresher for you & having sailed together, allow us to offer more personalised advice for you on the next best step in your sailing.

The course cost at Bay Sea School is an all-inclusive price. It covers the RYA Sailing Logbook (G4) and the RYA Start Sailing Handbook (G3). And there's no extra charge for the RYA course completion certificates or the use of sailing waterproof trousers & jackets if required. All the necessary safety equipment is also provided. Full joining instructions about what you need to bring will be sent with your booking confirmation email.  

More course dates are coming soon for August. In the meantime, contact us with your request. We always have a last minute rush for dates in September. Book early to be avoid disappointment.  

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