Day Skipper to Yachtmaster

Congratulations on your Day Skipper success! You might have used your new ICC qualification on a flotilla holiday or bare-boat charter in the Med. but if you want to charter or cruise your own yacht here in the UK you'll need to know more about navigation. Developing your sailing skills will also be a wise move since you'll be out there on your own much more. Knowing more about sailing in adverse weather conditions is an important part of becoming a Yachtmaster. Wouldn't it be great to spend the night tucked up in a secret anchorage away from the crowds? That's what these more advanced courses will teach you.

The following pathway is a guide to using the RYA courses to take your sailing skills beyond the basic level of a Day Skipper. Again the steps to Yachtmaster can be a bit confusing so we'll try and clarify things for you.

  • RYA 2-day Improver Keelboat Courses
    1. Level 3 - Better Sailing (a flexible course which can be repeated to suit your individual needs) 
    2. Seamanship Skills (advanced sailing course)
    3. Day Sailing (advanced course)


  • Own Boat Tuition - Sailing Tips & Personalised Coaching 
    What would you like to get better at? Berthing? Sail trim? Keeping the crew happy? Book John, our friendly award-winning Yachtmaster Instructor & Examiner for some private tuition on your own boat. The RYA courses can't cover everything there is to know about sailing and some tailor-made tuition can be very helpful.


  • Become a Yachtmaster
    1. Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore - Navigation course focusing on sailing longer passages.
    2. Coastal Skipper practical course - 5-days on a cruising yacht - course completion certificate awarded
    3. Yachtmaster Coastal Exam - 6 to 10 hour practical exam
    4. Yachtmaster Offshore Exam - 8 to 12 hour practical exam
    5. Yachtmaster Ocean - Celestial navigation course 
    6. Yachtmaster Ocean Exam - 600 mile passage navigating using a sextant plus oral exam afterwards


  • 1-day Supporting Courses
    1. First Aid - for all boaters (needs updating every 3 years)
    2. Diesel Engine Maintenance - beginners introduction to looking after a boat's engine
    3. Radar - use it for navigation too
    4. VHF Radio - international operators licence 

Check our website for available courses. John is a Yachtmaster Instructor in all the cruising courses but works for other training centres. The cruising courses ie Competent Crew, Day Skipper practical, Coastal Skipper practical and Yachtmaster exams are not available in Morecambe Bay or the North West coast.