Sailing into the Sun

ICC Test

Whilst the International Certificate of Competence is not legally required for pleasure craft in this country, you may be asked to produce an ICC if you sail in foreign waters. If venturing onto inland European waterways, you will also need a CEVNI endorsement to your ICC certificate.

You can apply directly to the RYA for an ICC if you have one of the following minimum qualifications:

♦ Day Skipper practical course completion certificate.

♦ Power Boat level 2 certificate.

If you do not have these qualifications but are an experienced skipper and over 16, you can take a practical test on your own boat with us (motor boats up to 10 metres, and sailing boats).

Click here for the ICC application forms with details of eligibility and what you need to know to pass the test.

Coaching for the test is available if required. A separate fee is required for this.

ICC practical test: Contact us to arrange a test or coaching.