Better Sailing
RYA Level 3
Two ladies improving their sailing skills

This is a 2-day improver course following on from the beginner level courses. It attracts sailors from a wide variety of sailing backgrounds because it's a flexible course providing an opportunity to practice everything you've learnt so far. You can use it as many times as you like to develop your sailing experience on the sea.

If you know all the basics and feel a bit rusty, it's a good way to get back into sailing again. Day Skippers find it helpful to practice all the key sailing manoeuvres such as MOB or reefing the main sail on a smaller yacht like 'Lily'.

There's more about fine-tuning the sails for efficient sailing and you can get a taster of some advanced sailing techniques too. Dinghy sailors also find Level 3 keelboat a useful step into yacht sailing and inland sailors are thrilled by the tidal experience of Morecambe Bay.

Book a Better Sailing course and enjoy two days of fabulous sailing experience on the sea in the North West. Build your confidence with our professional, patient, friendly instructors. Conditions are different every time you go sailing on the sea so there's always something new to learn. That's one of the things that makes sailing with Bay Sea School in Morecambe such a compelling experience! 

If the weather is unsuitable for sailing, alternative dates will be arranged. We'd love to take you sailing and it may be possible to re-arrange these dates to fit with your availability if necessary. Just get in touch. Dates for 2018 are now available on the calendar. Look there for your required date and use the form below to book your course.

Start Time Finish Places
Thu 24/08/2017 10 am Fri 25/08/2017 2
Mon 11/09/2017 11 am Tue 12/09/2017 3