Better Sailing RYA Level 3
Two ladies improving their sailing skills

This is the next 2-day course after the beginner learn to sail courses. It's also an ideal refresher if you already know the basics and want to get back into sailing.

It's a more flexible course than the beginner courses. You can do it as many times as you like to focus on whatever you'd like to get better at.

It's a great way for dinghy sailors to move up to yacht sailing and for inland sailors to gain fabulous tidal sailing experience.

Come sailing on the sea and build your confidence with our patient, friendly instructors. Conditions are different every time you go sailing so there's always something new to learn. That's one of the things that makes sailing such a compelling hobby! 

If you don't find dates to suit, contact us. We may well be able to re-arrange the dates below to fit your availability.

Start Finish Places
Sat 10/06/2017 Sun 11/06/2017 3
Wed 28/06/2017 Thu 29/06/2017 4
Wed 12/07/2017 Thu 13/07/2017 3
Thu 24/08/2017 Fri 29/08/2017 4
Mon 11/09/2017 Tue 12/09/2017 4