RYA Seamanship Skills

Rudderless sailing


Advanced 2-day keelboat course.

Develop tidal sailing skills.

Learn useful techniques rarely covered on the cruising courses; Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper practical.

Heat sealing & whipping rope.

Introduction to charts.

Sailing backwards.

Rudderless sailing.

Yacht sailors need to sail backwards to dig the anchor in under sail. It's one of the practical tasks required of Yachtmaster practical exam candidates.  It's much easier to learn how to do it on a small yacht first.  That's one of the advantages of keelboat courses for yacht sailors; you can progress your sailing skills quite quickly.  If you're reading this you're one of the lucky few to discover this hidden gem within all the RYA sail training schemes!

Sailing on Morecambe Bay presents great opportunities for developing tidal sailing skills. Sailing on & off a tidal mooring demands awareness of the different forces acting on the boat.  The tides here are perfect for learning how to do this safely.  Using transits forward & sideways you can ferry-glide under sail or power with great control.

Developing good tidal sailing skills will lift your game and help you become more confident at close quarter sailing when it comes to larger cruising yachts.  If you're sailing in UK waters you definitely need to know how to manoeuvre your boat safely in a tidal stream!  

Brush up your sailing skills & get yourself ready for a successful Yachtmaster practical exam.

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