Working on the engine RYA Diesel Engine

1-day Course

"Really excellent course, worth every penny. Lots of hands-on opportunity using a real working diesel engine"

This is a fun, relaxed course. No prior experience is required. John explains how a diesel engine works and shows you things you can do to diagnose and fix common problems. There's a bit of theory but the majority of the course is hands-on. Bring your overalls!

If you're considering taking the Yachtmaster practical exam, the examiner is going to expect some of this basic knowledge of a diesel engine. The 1-day course will help you prepare for what he might ask!

The majority of RNLI callouts to small boats are due to engine failure. Many of these are preventable or easily fixed at sea. On the Diesel Engine course you'll learn how to carry out a routine service on your engine.  

"It appears to be complicated but actually it's quite simple when you're shown how" said Jan, a complete beginner.

Volvo Penta Diesel Engine

With modern car engines we tend to leave it to a trained mechanic to fix things. Most of us, particularly the ladies, haven't grown up dabbling under the bonnet. That's a big disadvantage when there's no AA equivalent at sea!

Using a real engine you'll see all the bits and how they work. You'll also learn what you can do when they don't!

"These things have happened to us when we've been out at sea!" said Amanda from Macclesfield. "If we'd known then what we've learnt today we wouldn't have had to call for help from the RNLI".

Part of the course is working on a real engine in an outside garage. So we tend to schedule the course in the early and late summer when it's not too cold.

"Brilliant course and excellent instructor!"

The course covers the following topics:

  • How a Diesel engine works
  • Fault Finding
  • Fixing common faults
  • Bleeding air from the fuel system
  • Changing the impeller
  • Routine maintenance
  • Winter lay-up

You don't need to know anything about engines to take this course. But if you do, you can increase your experience working on a real, running, single cylinder Volvo Penta marine Diesel engine.

The cost includes the certificate and RYA Diesel Course booklet.

Private Diesel Engine Course
Contact us to arrange a Diesel Engine course, here or at other suitable venues in Lancashire & the North West. Individual coaching is also available on your own boat.

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Sunday 29/03/20 9.30 am 4

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