Mark practicing CPR

RYA First Aid Course

Imagine the unexpected happens while you're out boating. There's a serious injury. Fortunately your crew's done their RYA first aid course recently. They know what to do until professional help arrives. Is it time to refresh your skills too?

Your First Aid course with Bay Sea School provides lots of opportunity for hands-on experience of CPR with our 'Resusci Anne' dummies. How to deal with head injuries, cold water shock and hypothermia are important things to consider if you go boating. But despite the serious nature of some of the topics, John aims to make the day a relaxed and enjoyable one for participants.

The course includes your RYA First Aid manual.

John & Sarah with Airway Model

All RYA instructors and professional skippers are required to update their RYA First Aid certificate every 3 years.

It's also suitable for:

1. Professional skippers of small craft working within 60 miles of a safe haven, including Boatmasters

2. Senior First Aid certificate needed by offshore racers subject to ISAF's regulations on first aid training (OSR 4.08.4).

The course is recommended by the MCA and HSE.

Please contact us to arrange a special private course to suit your schedule.

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Sun 25/02/2017 9.30 am 6